Do you know Australia is currently the 3 rd country in the world ranking in terms of
number of international students (after the US and UK)?
It is not surprising that Australia has six universities in the top 100 in the world
according to the QS Top Universities Ranking 2016-2017, which also ranked
Australia on the list of the leading university education in the world.
Australia offers you every opportunity to study, there is at least one university of
Australia in the best top 50 in the fields of Mathematics & Natural Sciences,
Sciences for Agriculture & Life, Pharmacy and Clinic Medicine, Medicine. So
what the reasons make Australia be the ideal abroad study destination for you?
The quality of education in Australia is internationally recognized
The Australian education system is renowned for its high quality, always governed
by the federal government. With the goal of quality training always be an
important factor in the development criteria, the Australian government regularly
regulates all universities every year to ensure that they maintain these standards. 15
Nobel Prizes gained by Australian, inventions such as Penicillin, wi-fi, cervical
cancer vaccines, in vitro fertilization, ultrasonic, airplane black box … are clear
evidence for the results of the best education in the world.
Teaching methods in Australia always encourage students in independent and
innovated thinking. Combined with a comprehensive education system and a
diversified culture, international students will have many opportunities to expand
their knowledge and job opportunities after completing their studies. According to
statistics of 2011-2012, seven of the 41 public and private universities in Australia
are in the top 100 of the best universities in the world, in which Melbourne
University is ranked 37 th and Australian State University is 38 th .

Education system is diversified
Australian schools offer a wide range of courses and degrees. International
students can easily find a school in their fields of interest. Australia has many
universities, vocational schools and English language schools, the first decision
that international students have to make when choosing the program is to choose
which of the three types of schools to meet the needs of your learning and
benefits. If necessary, students can easily transfer to a different studying field or
transfer to another Australian school.

Job opportunities
Abroad students are allowed to work up to 40 hours per week while studying in
Australia for a minimum wage of AUD 18 per hour. Besides being able to cover a
part of the studying cost in Australia, it is also a great opportunity for students to
accumulate work experience in their field of interest, helping their future careers in
the future. Students are also allowed to stay in 2 years after graduation to find a
job, and the opportunity to resettle here.
Opportunity to settle down after graduation
The Australian government affirms that international students are a source of
highly skilled labor and play an important role in the national economy. Thus, this
country has adopted many favorable settlement policies, enabling graduates to
have the opportunity to settle permanently. According to government regulations,
international students who meet the minimum requirements and have two years of
full-time working will be considered for issuing a settlement card. In addition, for
international students who are studying the leading fields in economic
development, such as Business Administration, Finance, Accounting, Engineering,
Information Technology, Hospitality Management, will have higher chances of

Climate is similar to Vietnam
Beside to its reputation for education, Australia is also famous for its beautiful sites
and unique climate. Worries about cold weather in the winter of the students in
Europe, America, Canada will not appear in the Australian students. Because the
major cities of the country are concentrated in coastal, almost no snow in winter,
the average temperature is about 20 0 C. However, if you want to watch the snow,
you can go to other areas , such as Canberra, with low temperatures, frozen
throughout the winter.
A safe country
Being a safe country when compared with many other countries in the world, it
makes Australia become an attractive destination in living condition for all
international students. According to statistics, the number of crimes and political
instability here is very little and negligible. International students will not have to
worry about studying in Australia.


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