Planning to revise early

Students will pass three written tests including: English, English Math, IQ or GAT (General Ability Test)

English needs special attention

Based on the experience of experienced teachers, English Math is not a big problem for Vietnamese students, the problem for most of our students is English. English in Singapore is the first language, students will need to have a diverse vocabulary on a variety of topics such as Economics, Society, Environment, Politics … to meet this, students should Spend more time reading books and newspapers in English on a variety of topics.

Join many extracurricular activities

Singapore education tends to help students develop holistically, so the profile with many extracurricular activities, personal talents will be more appreciated and more likely to be selected.

Wise at the interview round

After passing the writing test, students will have to take an interview round, students should note the following points:

– Appearance of appearance: Candidates should wear polite clothes, neat hair, confident manner

– Sitting interview neatly, eyes looking directly at the opposite

– Confident, treat the interview as an intimate conversation

– Read a lot of books, help increase understanding of social knowledge


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