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Sydney port city of is recognized as one of the world’s most worth living cities. The city has been voted in the top 5 most worth living cities in the world under Ranking of Economist Intelligence Unit due to its clean living environment, low crime rates and ultra-modern living. Thanks to these add-ons, Sydney has become one of the cities that attract the most international students to Australia.

Sydney has a great climate

Sydney has a sunny climate in the summer and mild in the winter. This will give you more opportunities to participate in outdoor activities, explore the city than other places.

The weather is also very mild due to near the ocean. The warmest month is January, with the average temperature on the coast being 18.6-25.8 ° C. Winter in Sydney is not harsh cold, the temperature rarely drops below 5 ° C. In the summer, the weather is also very pleasant, without intense sunshine, the average temperature varies between 10-16.2 ° C.


Sydney public transport vehicle is so modern, convenient and safe with a number of transportation modes available for you to choose, including trams, buses, ferries and overhead trains. Trams and buses are a great way for students to travel around Sydney for a reasonable price. When traveling or moving further, you may choose to take a ferry. Sydney Ferries ferry services are very popular, especially if you want to go and enjoy the beautiful scenery on the way.

Affordable cost for international students

The Australian dollar fell 10% in mid-May and June 2013 against the US dollar, making it even more affordable to study in Sydney. Many institutions also offer short-term foundation programs, beginning in late August and late September, and allow students to enter the Bachelor program in the 1st semester of next year. Reducing study time means that the cost of study will be reduced compared to other programs.

Universities in Sydney:

Select a university to study in Sydney, you can refer to Macquarie University, University of Technology Sydney (UTS), University of Sydney, University of New South Wales, University of Western Sydney …

– Macquarie University with 31,000 students from more than 114 countries around the world. The University has been listed in the Top 9 universities in Australia as well as Top 40 in the Asia Pacific region

– University of Technology Sydney (UTS), also a university located in the heart of Sydney. The university encourages students to study in an international environment and offers university education program for more than 30,000 students, including more than 7,500 international students from more than 115 countries.

– The University of Sydney, the first university with reputation in Australia.

– University of New South Wales is part of a group of eight research universities in Australia and a member of International Association – Universitas 21.

– University of Western Sydney, one of the largest universities in Australia.

Working while studying

One of the advantages of studying in Australia is that you will work up to 40 hours/a fortnight (or 20 hours per week) throughout the school year, or work full time during your vacation. This means that you will be able to earn money while you are in school.


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