Study abroad for High School: Why is Singapore always a top choice?

The Singapore education system is well-known throughout the world because it promotes deep thinking as well as intellectual skills of students. Singapore is also one of the leading public education systems in the world according to the PISA (Program for International Student Assessment) system.

Singapore public education can be described as a blast furnace – a curriculum, an extremely competitive learning environment, and a lot of pressure, but if passing, the students will learn a lot. That is why Singapore is always the first choice of parents when intending for high school study abroad.

Overview of the Singapore Secondary Education System

Secondary program in Singapore is within 4 years (Sec 1 – Sec 4). After completing this program, students will take the O-Level or IGCSE (depending on the training program of each school). With this result, students can be transited to the last two years of their school (so as called pre-university), college or college qualification in Singapore or other countries. After that, students will take the A-levels or IB, with this result, students can be admitted directly into the first year of the University in Singapore or in the world.

Why is Singapore’s education system always leading the way?

Singapore education is well-known and is at the forefront of academics, particularly high school education, the training programs that help children grow. Indeed, at the age of 12-18, when children are gradually forming personal ego, curiosity and the desire to learn, search, explore, express themselves, then Singapore educational program with a focus on developing skills and strong academic knowledge will help to train outstanding individuals who are more mature in thinking and acting. In addition, the English speaking environment of Singapore will be a great opportunity to practice your English skills – worldwide language that better than ever, you should be proficient now. For the high school level, students are offered a well-rounded education, with many levels and choices depending on the student’s ability and aspirations.

In Vietnam, students in high school age, parents are increasingly tending to study abroad, and Singapore is one of the first destinations. Among a variety of study options, why Singapore? Beside to the advantage of leading education, with geographic location just 2 hours from Vietnam, communication between family and children seems easier than ever, thanks to the difference is not over in big time zone, distance and “shorten” the homesickness. In addition, the cultural similarity also helps parents somewhat feel peace of mind when sending children to study abroad at an early age.

Difficulties in choosing high school in Singapore for children

In Singapore, schools are competing with their strengths and weaknesses. Parents need more time to decide in choosing a school, style of education that appropriate for their child before sending their children to school. A decision that can affect not only your child’s education but also their life in college and future work.



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