St Joseph’s Scholarship – Full high school scholarship of Singapore for Vietnamese students

General information about scholarships

St Joseph’s International Academy Scholarship (SJI International / SJII) is open to Vietnamese students from all over the country attending grade 9 or 10. SJII teaches IGCSE program (grades 9,10) and participates in the program. University with International Baccalaureate (IB, International Bacalaureate).

Scholarship value

SJII provides full scholarships for successful students. The scholarships include tuition, meals, accommodation, allowance, trips, round-trip air tickets to Vietnam every year and many other expenses. Students will be staying at St.Andrew’s Hall dormitories. The dormitory is managed by ST.Andrew’s university preparatory school. Kys hostel has many good facilities: common classrooms, gym, dance room and music room. They also have access to ST.Andrew’s college preparatory facilities. Some teachers of SJI International Academy will also be in the dormitory to manage and look after them. Usually the school will select 3-5 students each year.

Milestones to note

– In March every year there will be an official announcement from Saint Joseph’s School

– May every year: The official exam takes place in Ho Chi Minh City.

– Take the interview right after the writing test.

– July-August will announce official results from the school.

Records include

– Curriculum vitae

– Academic transcript from grade 6 to grade 9/10

– Prize

– Extracurricular activities

Exam structure

The exam takes place within two days:

Day 1 – Round 1:

1) Math

Math is tested in the form of multiple-choice questions but there are many questions that require thinking and essay.

2) English

You will be given an article or excerpt from a work and answer the question. One point worth noting is that you can use the dictionary during the exam. Because of the use of dictionaries, questions, rather than vocabulary tests, focus more on the testers’ reading and analytical skills.

3) Exam and Thinking (GAT)

Includes IQ questions about geometric thinking, numbers, …

After submitting the paper, SJII will mark it that day and announce who will pass the first round to get into the second round – the interview round. Usually 20 candidates are selected to enter the interview round.

Day 2 – Round 2:

Those who pass the second round will have their own order numbers and interview time. You will be interviewed by the representative of SJII (usually the principal or assistant principal). The interview is quite comfortable with a variety of questions. If you are confident and able to answer questions well, you can pass this round. After 2 days, the school will select from 5-7 students to the next round of document screening (shortlist). The profile of these friends will be sent to the sponsors and they will make a decision on who gets the scholarship. Candidates on the selected list must make a certificate of family income. Whether you are successful or not will be notified via phone and email the final results.


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