Singapore – The most worthy living country in the world

Singapore is always listed as the most worthy living place in Asia and in the world. (According to HSBC survey conducted in 19 economies based on quality of living, working as well as family building.)

Only people who have lived or traveled to Singapore can understand the reason why this place is so worth living. Except Singapore, none of the Asia Pacific regions reached the top 10. Areas such as Australia, Hong Kong, Taiwan or Vietnam were only around the top 20 while the US ranked 30th.

Here are some factors that make Singapore become the world’s most worthy living place:


Foreigners in Singapore make an average of USD 139,000 a year, 43% higher than the global average just behind Hong Kong and Switzerland. 75% of people living in Singapore feel confident about Singapore’s economy, higher than the rate of 52% in other countries in the Asia-Pacific region. Therefore, foreign labors in Singapore can rest assured of this high income.

2. Living quality

Despite being considered as the most expensive city in the world, but can not be denied that Singapore is still the one of top living quality place in Asia and global. Accordingly, living quality in Singapore ranks fourth in the world, based on factors such as political stability, living conditions, crime rate as well as services in banking, housing, health care, education, transportation…

Good air quality, solid infrastructure, state-of-the-art medical systems, crime rates and low health risks keep Singapore at the forefront of quality living.

Good air quality, solid infrastructure, modern medical systems, low crime rates and health risks keep Singapore at the forefront position of quality living in the world.

 3. Triển vọng nghề nghiệp

For foreigners, Singapore is a fertile land for a career development. So for those who looking for a high income job, a modern, dynamic and modern working environment, Singapore is a perfect suggestions. Here, foreigners are given an excellent opportunity to develop their career while enjoying a quality life and friendly and safety environment.

4. Family and Education

Singapore’s quality of education is appreciated as the best in the world. Singapore education put the highest target in promotion of student ability. Quality education is always focused on both facilities and intellectual property.



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