General introduction

Located in Vancouver, a beautiful city in British Columbia state, Canada, Langara College began operations in 1970, is a public college belong to College System of Vancouver. On April 1, 1994, Langara College was officially established and was recognized as a public college based on Provincial College and Institute Act.

Over the past four decades, Langara College has become one of the leading institutions of university program training, professional career and continuing education, with more than 21,000 students enrolled annually, in which, there are about 8,500 students enrolled in formal training. Langara College is recognized as prestige college with programs that offer unique and distinct learning opportunities.

It is only a 2-minute walking from 49th Underground Station, Langara College is located in the heart of Vancouver and proud of being one of three public post-secondary institutions here.

Reasons for choosing to study at Langara College

– Covered in the top 79 colleges and universities in Canada

– Small class size, intensive proficient faculty members.

– Langara offers more University Transfer courses than any other school in the province.

– Langara that send most students to the University of British Columbia in Canada and transfer most students to the universities in British Columbia.

– The Langara PLUS program provides international students with four major areas of extracurricular training: teamwork skills, group life skills, leisure activities, entertainment activities.

– Located in the central part of the city, Vancouver center to the north, is bordered by Vancouver International Airport to the south, British Columbia University to the west, and Simon Fraser to the east; So you can easily visit these places with convenient public transportation, especially by bus.

Strength fields

– Arts: Arts & Sciences, Design Information, Fine Art, Publishing, Professional Photography …

– Business: Accounting, Business Administration, Commerce, Financial Management, Financial Services, Cuisine Services Administration …

– Science & Technology: General Education, Applied Science in Engineering, Biology, Computer Science, …

– Human Services and Social Sciences: Asian Studies, Preschool education, Criminal Justice, Educational Assistant, Environmental Studies, Philosophy …

Training programs

– Academic English: Requirements: High School Graduation, Tuition Fee: CAD 2,983/7weeks. Monthly opening.

– Four-year Bachelor Program: Accounting, Business Administration, International Business Management, Marketing, Art

– University Transfer Program (2 years): Art in General, Asian Studies, Canadian Studies, Latin American Studies, Business and Trade Studies, History, Environmental Studies, Political Science, Mathematics, Psychology, Women’s Studies, Health Sciences, Chemistry, Information Technology, Green Energy, Environmental Studies, Mathematics, Physics, …

– Vocational Certificate (1 year): Arts and Sciences, Film-making, Journalism, Web Administration …

– College Programs: Accounting, Arts – Science, Business Administration, Crime Investigation, Design, Computer Science, Financial Management, Marketing Management, Nutrition, Photography, Publishing, Entertainment management, …

– Postgraduate Programs: Business Administration and Marketing Management.

Input requirements

– Diploma, College programs: High school graduation, IELTS 6.5

– Postgraduate program: College or university graduation, IELTS 6.5.

Admission terms

– Fall semester: April

– Spring Semester: October

– Summer term: February

Tuition fees

– Tuition (10 subjects/30 credits): CAD590 * 30 = CAD 17,700.

– 12 months Homestay, CAD 800/month: CAD 9,600.

– Placement fee of CAD 400.

– Books, school supplies: CAD 1,500.

– Medicare CAD 1,108.

– Entertainment and extracurricular activities: CAD 1,200.

– Surcharge of CAD 1,000.



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