IQ test preparation course

1. Purpose

Equip students with the ability to think about Mathematics, general thinking, quickly identify mathematical rules as well as rules in life, how to solve problems logically. In addition, the course also serves students who want to take the Singapore, Australia math exams, prepare for ASEAN, A Star scholarship exams …

2. Subjects

– The course is for students aged 7-14 years old

– Classes

+ Grade Kid Kid 1-2-3-4-5 is equivalent to 7-8-9-10-11 years old and

+ IQ Junior 1-2-3-4 class is equivalent to 12-13-14-15 years old

3. Duration

– Total duration: 16 sessions / course

– Duration of each session:

+ 1,5 hrs / session for IQ Kid classes

+ 2.5 hrs / session for Junio ​​IQ classes

4. Placement input

Students need to take a test to check their level, thereby consulting the appropriate route and placement

5. Learning content

Students are acquainted with the types of IQ tests, thereby training their thinking and increasing reflexivity for Math situations as well as the rules of life and how to solve problems logically and effectively.

For IQ Junior classes, students get acquainted and gradually increase the level of the IQ test – a familiar subject format for many scholarship exams: ASEAN, A Star, AMOPS math …


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