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Course description

IELTS is a test that covers all four skills of Listening, Speaking, Reading and Writing. In the Speaking section, you will face directly with certified examiners.

The four main skills of the IELTS test

Listening (30 minutes): In this section you will have to listen to a conversation or radio stations on the radio and answer related questions.

Reading (60 minutes): You have three paragraphs / articles, most of which are drawn from scientific journals to read and your task is to find the information that matches the question below each article.

Writing (60 minutes): You must write two paragraphs. If part one requires you to analyze and summarize the content of the chart, part two will have to raise your personal thoughts about a view or issue in Society.

Speaking (10-15 minutes): In the speaking section, the examiner will ask you questions in three main sections: Introduce yourself, Express your personal opinion on a specific problem and the third part is association dialog to exploit the problem mentioned in part two.

Opening schedule for courses

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English 50 2 23/11/2017 00:00 1 Registration

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