How to save the cost of studying in the UK?

Beside the tuition fees, living expenses are a cost that many students feel the most headache when studying abroad, especially in a country with high living standards as England. There are a lot of students who set monthly savings targets but still have a budget deficit because lots of unforeseen amounts or bills with long zero numbers are sent home.

1. Accomodation:

– With a dorm or homestay: The money is usually fixed and must be paid once, so there will be very few options and the price difference will usually depend on where you live (for example, the cost for homestay in Bolton is only £ 300-350/month including food, but in London it will be £ 600- £1200/month depending on the area).

For students who choose to rent outside: the cheap or expensive will depend on you. There are many ways to save and the most common way is to rent an entire apartment and then split into each room because you can make use of the living room. If you do not mind, you can even join two people/rooms with double rooms. According to the experience of many overseas students, this is a way to save “just cheap, just fun” because you play and stay together, so will create a very happy environment and can help each other as needed.

Besides, if you have to rent a separated room and share it with someone you do not know, you should choose rooms that include invoices. Avoid staying with those who are less well-off, leading to have to pay for electricity, water and gas bills that you do not use.

2. Foods:

According to a survey of  Ulster University, the difference in the cost for foods in a month between shoppers at the most expensive supermarkets and cheapest supermarkets in the UK is around £ 40 (equivalent VND 1,2 million), a remarkable number. Therefore, you should carefully study the price of supermarkets, markets, before making a decision to buy food.

If you can eat together when stay together, the cost for foods and labor will be significantly reduced. In addition, large supermarkets such as Sainsbury, Waitrose, Tesco have a significant discount policy after 7pm for food that limited to use during the day. So, take advantage if you have opportunity.

3. Travel:

Beside registering discounted rates for the use of bus or subway tickets, students may consider to buy a bicycle to save travel costs, which are around £ 88 per month in London and £ 35-50 per month outside London. The price for a used bike in the UK is around £ 50-70, so if you are not too far away from the school, do not hesitate to buy a bike to save money and exercise, to be advantaged in both ways.

4. Other expenditures:

– In the UK, online shopping  is easy and fast so many students generate unnecessary expenses. Therefore, you should look carefully before buying. By eating out at a restaurant or shopping, you can check out the unidays application on the phone to see where there are promotions for students, or wait for discount season to buy fashionable things with discounted price .



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