AStar Scholarship – Full scholarship to Singapore High School

Scholarship information

A + Star Scholarship is a scholarship for young people – students in grades 9 and 10, which are offered annually in many ASEAN countries, South Asia such as India, Sri Lanka, China and Vietnam.

In the process of studying in Singapore, they are exempted from all expenses such as tuition, and other living expenses such as meals, accommodation, health insurance … In addition, after two years they will be supported. plane tickets to visit family.

It is worth noting that they will not be bound after 4 years of high school in Singapore under this scholarship program. After finishing high school, excellent students will receive further scholarships at UK and US schools … Other students can return to Vietnam to study and work or continue their university studies in Singapore.

According to the program, the number of scholarships is expected to be 30-50 scholarships for provinces and cities of Vietnam. For one thing, the A + Star scholarship program each year will be allocated according to each specific school. So if you want to know if your school is allocated, you should ask the School Board if the school you are attending this year is part of the A-star scholarship. The amount of scholarship will likely increase or decrease depending on the quality of your test.

Conditions for receiving scholarships

To receive the scholarship, students must attend a two-day contest that includes a written test and a face-to-face interview. Written tests are multiple-choice tests on the IQ, Math and English tests. Qualified students will be invited to interview the next day.

Exam time

The exam for grade 10 students is usually in September, the exam time for grade 9 students in January every year, students will start the course in January next year.

Exam structure

A * Star has 4 sections: GAT, Math, English and Interview.

– GAT (General Ability Test): This is a test to check the overall ability, the purpose of this test is to evaluate the ability to think and reason in logic at a fast and accurate speed. This test consists of 60 questions in 20 minutes, all multiple-choice questions in the form of pictures, divided into 5 parts with each section consisting of 12 questions increasing with difficulty.

– Math: 35 lessons in 2 hours with content in English, no dictionary, no computer, but each candidate will be given a glossary of terms.

Content of Math section:

– Arithmetic (prime numbers, integers, natural numbers, number lines, numbers, powers)

– Algebra (Equations 1, 2, function)

– Geometry (Lines and angles, triangles, quadrangles, polygons)

– Other (explain pictures, rules of numbers and letters)

Content of English part: Including 2 parts within 2 hours

– Reading comprehension, multiple choice and word filling is 1.5 hours

– An essay within 30 minutes, the test will revolve around the problems of daily social life … The essay topics are very natural, the school set out not to follow a pattern at all.

– Interview: Directly interview by the Singapore government to assess the ability to express in English, maturity, confidence, level of adaptation to the environment, and personality of students. This is the final exam after you pass the writing section.

– The interview section is led by 5 representatives: 2 people review your profile, 2 people view the exam and the principal is the one who directly interviews you. The content revolves around the questions that are very natural and everyday in life; They may ask about your family, your future, your study situation, etc. as if the two of you are sitting and talking to each other, depending on whether the interview will be long or short.

Benefit from A * STAR

Once you have received the scholarship, you will enjoy the following benefits:

• 100% tuition for 4 school years;

• S $ 200 allowance to settle when you first arrive in Singapore.

• A Vietnam-Singapore round-trip (regular) return ticket at the beginning and end of 4 school years.

• A return flight ticket (economy class) to return home after the first 2 years.

• Receive medical benefits and insurance policies.

• No obligation to the government after graduation.

* Note: When receiving a scholarship, the school will ask the parents to sign a contract, agree to the terms and commitments that students must make during the school period such as: within 4 years the student will not be receive any other scholarship, do not have the right to drop out of school, do not violate the school’s rules to the point of expulsion, if the student is expelled, the student must refund the amount of the subsidy during the school period .


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