ASEAN Scholarships


 1. ASEAN Scholarships: Scholarships value of 100% for high school students in Singapore

ASEAN Scholarship is a scholarship within the framework of the cooperation between Ministry of Education of Singapore and ASEAN countries, with total value for 4 years at the National High School in Singapore. Vietnamese students are selected from Ministry of Education and Training of Vietnam for scholarships.

2. Conditions of application:

Being Vietnamese citizens who are between the ages of 13 and 15.

Studying at Grade 9, 10 in secondary school or high school in Vietnam.

Good academic results.

Excellent communication skills in English.

3. Form of recruitment:

Students must pass the exam organized by Singapore Ministry of Education. The exam consists of the following main parts:

– Round 1: Writing Contest consists of 3 subjects: Maths, IQ and English

– Round 2: Interview (Choose from students who pass first round)

4. Important milestones of the ASEAN Scholarship:

Filing exam applications: February – March

Writing exam: late May, early June

Interview time: late August, early September

Examination sites and interviews: Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh city

Notice of test results: September

School Admission: Early November

5. ASEAN Scholarships include the following benefits:

– 100% tuition fee for 4 years (excluding surcharges)

– Subsidization of SGD 2,200/year (for the first 2 years) and SGD 2,400/year (for the last 2 years) with accommodation in dormitory.

– Subsidization of SGD 400 when you first arrive in Singapore.

– Take an English course in three months before entering formally in a school of Singapore.

– Exemptions for GCE ‘O’ and A Level (or equivalent) fees in one time, if eligible.

– There is no binding attached conditions for applying scholarship.

– Economy class airfares to Singapore to study and return to Vietnam, after completing the program.

 -Medical subsidization and accident insurance.


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