Study in Ontario

Study in Ontario

Ontario has long been hailed as a land of gold, helping to boost the economy of Canada and North America to become more prosperous, wealthy and strong. And best of all, Ontario is one of the cradles of education and the largest cultural center in Canada.

When coming to study in Ontario province, Vietnamese students will certainly be surprised and excited with the first living environment and education in North America center.

The reasons to study in Ontario?

High quality education – where many universities and colleges are concentrated

Ontario has more than 30% of Canada’s leading located here: Toronto University, Queen University, Western Ontario University and MacMaster University. Most of universities are leading in the world in research and innovation. Degrees and certificates are recognized around the world. In addition, Ontario offers a wide range of university and college courses with 18,000 courses and more than 1,000 online education programs, internship programs which provide students with practical skills that are conducive to development of themselves and their future career.

High employment opportunities

Canada offers off-campus work permits to full-time college and university students as well as work permits for PhD students without restrictions on employment.

So you can get valuable work experience in Canada and are especially helpful because there are many job opportunities in Ontario. In Canada, Ontario has the highest employment rate for graduates within two years of graduation, at 96 percent, higher than the employment rate for graduates of the two provinces of British Columbia and Quebec.

Ontario – a gold land for those who want to get a job. This is the place that concentration and development of many different professions. Minerals and mining are one of the strengths of Ontario. Ontario is an important oil refinery area in Canada, ranked second only behind to Albecrta. Tourism is also the field that need large labor source  in Ontario.

Settlement opportunity is opened wide

Because of the high demand for labor in Canada, the government has good policies to encourage labor force who are foreigners trained in Canada. Particularly, graduates from college, university, postgraduate or master will be able to stay for one to three years. After full-time working for at least one year, students can begin applying for settlement in Canada.

Ontario is no exception, this province also has many policies to attract human to meet the shortage of quality workforce in the industries. With provincial nominee program, the settlement opportunity in Canada welcomes you.

The safest place in North America

According to Canadian statistics in 2012, the number of criminal case in Canada is 2 million, down 36,000 compare with 2011. In which, CSI index (crime severity index) has also decreased by 3%. Especially, Toronto – the capital of Ontario has been recorded as the city with the lowest crime rate in six consecutive years.

The highest living quality in the world

In 2012, Ontario’s per capita income was CAD 49,940 – the highest rate in Canada. In addition, Ontario is the place where concentrate over 30 public hospitals, hundreds of health care centers, so the health of the people are always respected and guaranteed.

Multiculture – Encouraging the integration

Ontario is place where concentrate many different cultures around the world, creating a multiracial cultural picture. There are many Canada’s largest theaters and performing arts centers, meet the entertainment needs of the people. Large programs are regularly organized in Ontario, attract everyone in Canada and people around the world, such as Toronto International Film Festival, Stratford Festival, Shaw Festival, G20 Summit in the 2010, Indian Festival of Film and Movie (LIFA) 2010, World Pride celebrations in 2014, Pan American Games in 2015

Financial centers of Canada and North America

Ontario – the most thriving, growing, vibrant province in Canada and North America in economy with major cities such as Toronto and Ottawa. Ontario is close to major US cities such as New York, Boston and Washington DC, creating many opportunities of boarding internships, exchanges of students, PhD students and employment. These opportunities can help you to develop yourself and your career.



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